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!! OMG, baring his soul-patch: Jarl Espen Ygranes !!

Norwegian ice hockey player Jarl Espen Ygranes was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft but never played in the league. Instead he stayed in Norway and played for Furuset, Frisk Asker and Vålerenga, and more importantly went and got some crotch shots done, professionally [we think] or not.
Click below to see Jarl wearing little more than his NSFW soul-patch on the front and a PUCK-PLUG at the back !

[via wwmen]

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    What a sexy man! Would be perfect if he were cut tho! Not digging the foreskin….other than that! WOW!

    wow! what a beautiful man. perfect body cock and ass:) wish i was uncut:(

    It is an old set, but the pic files look to be high quality and so good nevertheless. Certainly looks professionally shot. In fact at least some of the photos say copyright John Andreson right on them. One issue with the post: The pics in the post are the full size images. If you click then you get the smaller thumbnail-ish ones. Oops.

    sex foreskin

    Gorgeous man.

    Lean. Powerful. Spectacular.

    I’ve found the perfect human being!

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