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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, BEIBLE BUTT: Justin Bieber’s baby bott !!

Apparently whilst us fellow Canadians were gobble-gobbling turkey and downing kegs of maple cough syrups on Canada Day, Justin ‘baby-man’ Bieber was serving up his own version of TURKEY-NECK STEW when he came downstairs minus-diaper to sing granny a wee Canada Day anthem.
Of course it probably didn’t compare to our faves Canada Day anthem by BJ Snowden but then again not even JB COMPARES TO BJ, although it’s a close call as JB is completely naked with his NSFW Bieble butt [not actually a bubble butt at all, more of a BABY BOTT] hanging out, which you can looksee after the jump.

[image source, thanks Kevin!]

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    Just what every grandmother wants… their grandchild singing to them naked.

    Oh wow! Yuck! This feels like kiddie porn… This kid is truly gross!

    How much more of BB (Brat Bieber) must we endure. As for his grandmother, she should take him to the woodshed and put some stripes on his little behind!


    I’d fuck the shit out of his tight ass.

    I actually enjoyed the pics on this website until this little twat was posted. The whole website is tainted now and cannot be cleaned.

    @Tony, what tight ass? where? cause all I can see is a little saggy ass! I expected more

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