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!! OMG, I’m hungry for their powder: Covergirl’s new ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ makeup line !!

This October 1st, you’ll be able to finally serve up some Capitol chic-ness when Covergirl unleashes their new Hunger Games: Catching Fire makeup line. You’ll be able to fight to the death for that hot guy on the dancefloor in their shimmer, or tabledance like a girl on fire with their body glitter!
(Apparently the makeup has blessed the faces of the actual cast of the Hunger Games during filming, so you know it’s good enough for you!)
Check out the rest of the currently released preview images after the jump.
(via i09.com)

Personally, I think they’d be wise to just scrap this whole concept before it’s too late and call up Jade from ANTM Season 6. I will buy whatever they sell me if it helps me move like her:

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