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!! OMG, snot your average opera: Michiko Nitta and Michael Burton’s ‘Algae Opera’ !!

Girl, you got something in your hair !
A night at the Opera is such a civilized affair: get dressed up, drinks at some swanky bar, then swoop on over to the concert hall for a night of the most exquisite dramatic musical fare, a story of lost love, a musical drama about a fall from grace perchance ?
Well, at The Algae Opera, some chick sings at you loudly, then feeds you sea-snot that she breathed all over.
As an experiment in alternative food sources and biotechnological advancements The Algae Opera singer [Louise Ashcroft] feeds the plant-like organism musical carbon dioxide through tubes, where variations in pitch and volume produce nuances in the taste of the growing algae from bitter to sweet, i.e. starter or dessert.
Sea-snot parfait is snot my idea of a civilized operatic treat at all !
[source, Thanks Bear!]

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