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!! OMG, Earth’s weather stands up for equal rights?: Emergency declared around Olympic city Sochi because of floods !!

So if there’s a God, does this prove that he truly is an ally of the LGBTQ children of the world?
It looks like the 2014 Winter Olympics city, Sochi has been evacuated and they’ve declared a state of emergency! From Reuters:

Regional authorities declared a state of emergency in Sochi and evacuated a village because of flooding and mudslides less than five months before the Russian city hosts the Winter Olympics. Knee-high puddles in the city centre caused long traffic jams after heavy rain, a Reuters photographer said, and firefighters were pumping water from the streets.

You know, aside from the fact that this may sour the chances of Sochi having their Olympics run smoothly, I feel for all the women over there whose hair is really gonna suffer in all of this. They’ve imprisoned all of their hairdressers already, and so they’re kind of shit out of luck in terms of fixing the rat’s nest this storm is about to serve them.

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