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!! OMG, real ladies on the runway: Rick Owens’ SS14 Step Team take Paris Fashion Week !!

Well, it looks like the Worker’s Rights Flashmob of Walmart have really made it!
Rick Owen‘s debuted his ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2014 collection today at Paris Fashion Week, and he brought some hot step team luxury to his runway show! (Rumour has it that Rick is a huge Channing Tatum fan, and has seen all four films from the Step Up movie franchise.)
It’s not easy warming this jaded bitch’s heart, but this show went ahead and did it! I think it’s great that Rick ditched the normal models for some real ladies. They gave the show some life, and it’s also great to see such a huge presence of women of colour at PFW.
Check out their hot moves in a bunch of Instagram footage from the show after the jump!

[instagrams via DisMag and images via style.com]

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    kiara i’m pretty sure he’s not serious about the channing tatum part!

    Channing Tatum? Stfu..im pretty sure his inspiration did not come from that horrible franchise. Do a lil culture research PLEASE.

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