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!! OMG, his butt: German actor Steve Windolf in ‘Doc Meets Dorf’ !!

German actors have been becoming huge in Hollywood over the past few years! Everyone from Michael Fassbender, to Diane Kruger, to Daniel Brühl are making the transition to Hollywood. Hopefully this blondie is next!
Check out NSFW German actor Steve Windolf flashing his costar (who’s spirit animal is either a spinning top, or a patio umbrella) in Doc Meets Dorf after the jump!

Click to enlarge.
[via justadream]

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    I believe Michael is German-Irish. His mother is from Northern Ireland and his father is German, but he grew up in Ireland.
    Also, Steve Windolf…woof! That’s a sweet ass!

    Michael Fassbender is Irish, isn’t he?

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