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!! OMG, SADDLE UP!: Are you ready for Twerking’s big brother, Yiking? !!

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 7.31.50 PM.png
Now that Big Freedia has set the Guinness World Record for Twerking, the planet can finally move onto more important issues, like YIKING!
Yiking is described as “advanced Twerking or Twerking’s big brother”, and it’s suggested that if you don’t have a booty — then for your own safety — please don’t attempt to Yike. Get back at the kid’s table!
Although, if you think you’re ready to upgrade, Natasha Walker, the Yike-Guru in the tutorial (after the jump), suggests that in order to successfully Yike to “think of yourself of an eccentric snake” and “don’t put your hands on your knees, that’s 2008”. Natasha also says that if you “wake up in the morning and your back hurts — you’ve done it right!”
Learn how to get your Yike game together after the jump!




    The demo I saw here looked a little like the guy was dry-humping the girl

    I love her!!!!! A natural!

    Is everyone under the age of 25 brain dead? Who are these stupid, insipid people?

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