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!! OMG, make em jiggle: New Android app from China lets you put some wiggle in your bosom !!

OK, so China always seems to come up with these genius ideas before anyone else — but if you are a 40 year old virgin who still lives in your parent’s basement, this app is for you!
A new app allows you to animate the chest of women in photos. (I guess if you wanna make money, then make a pervy app, people!) According to the shainghaist via Beijing Cream:

The original concept of the app was meant to allow users to manipulate anime characters, which we realize is just a thing that some people do and will sit back and accept it without comment for now.
Soon enough, however, curious users discovered that the characters could be replaced with real people, and voilĂ ! “All you have to do is use your fingers and gently touch the screen to make the boobs shake”.

Thank God for “curious” users! The true pioneers of discovery. Will you be downloading the boob-wiggle app for you and your friends to enjoy? Would this app also double as a photo-twerking app?

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