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!! OMG, you look like you’ve seen a ghost: Harvey Weinstein says he wants a SCREAM 5 !!

At Switzerland’s Zurich Film Festival this past week, studio exec and Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein expressed that he’d love to see the SCREAM franchise make it’s 5th return. Harvey was quoted as saying:

“Everyone lived in Scream 4, I’m begging him to do the movie and just end it. We’ve milked that cow.”

Would you go and see SCREAM 5? Who would you like to see get the cut this time? Who would you like to see as a new addition? Can Courtney Cox afford to go under the knife again?
[Fan teaser poster by AndrewSS7]

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    I would love to see a 5th Installment to the series. I’d hate to see any of the main characters die off, but after surviving all those killings they are due for a final scream.

    What a good news! There’s a long time I wanted another film in the series! But I want that one of the main characters die otherwise it would be ridiculous. Sure, I’d like three characters remain alive but producers must know how to take difficult decision for not only fans of the series is not interested in the Scream franchise! Someone agrees with me?
    Sorry for my english…

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