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!! OMG, the soothing song of 4 precious hate-filled lil angels: The Westboro Baptist Church’s Summer Anthem (Teaser) !!

Sometimes a stretched-out Winnie The Poo T-shirt and an old Tupperware bin can only contain so much.
So much TALENT AND GLAMOUR that is!
Check out The Westboro Baptist Church Quartet blessing us with their hate-filled and soft summer anthem (from?) above!
Are they destined for pop stardom, or WUT? I would really love to see them collabo with Eminem, Buju Banton or Alec Baldwin. On a side-note: I think The Westboro Baptist chix should really think about trying out make-up soon.
{Thanks, T!}

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    i hate writing this comment… this is exactly what the WBC wants. they want OMG (and every other news outlet) to spread their gospel… ignore them. encourage others to ignore them. that is the only way to defeat them.

    One of the first things I learned about God is that he is “all loving”. The concept of hate doesn’t exist when speaking of God. As such, I can only say that these people would not know God if he came around and bit them in the ass!

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