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!! OMG, all I really want is GIRLS: Lena Dunham hosts SNL this weekend !!

Lena Dunham hosts SNL this weekend with musical guest The National, and the promo for Saturday is pretty great.
I haven’t really been watching SNL recently, but whoever this new Kate McKinnon chick is, she’s f*cking funny! Check out the hilarious new promo above where they joke about being topless, Lena being a director, feminism, and even John Travolta!

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    Kate used to be on The Big Gay Sketch Show with Johnny McGovern. She was hilarious on that, too.

    i’m slightly shocked you didn’t know who Kate Mckinnon was. She was on Logo’s “Big gay sketch show”, hilarious.

    Lena Dunham is perfect for SNL cus it just crap now, so she will fit right in

    Kate McKinnon is f*cking hilarious. Her impressions of Ellen and especially, Justin Bieber are incredible. She’s also a lesbian.

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