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!! OMG, an education in high art: Lady Gaga gets puked on LIVE on the Doritos #BoldStage at SXSW !!


We've all had our own Doritos #Bold puking experiences -- usually after too many bong hits when our eyes are bigger than our bellies -- but was it ever ART?... Rather, was it ever ARTPOP?

This week, Lady Gaga hired some chick to drink a bottle full of Nickelodeon slime and gag herself until she puked it on Gaga's chest at SXSW. Gaga then did her best Noonie and Nuni impression by yelling out in a Swedish accent "F*CK YOU POP MUSIC! THIS IS ART POP! FREE YOURSELF!" whilst soaring through the air on a mechanical bull.

Call Yale and tell them you won't be attending, because the only education in fine art you need -- is in the video below!

[via buzzfeed]

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» posted by Igor on Friday, March 14, 2014
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