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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Big Brother Canada: Season 2’ contestant Kenny Brain’s Grindr Photos !!

Happy Good Friday! Here’s that bearded rocket-scientist-model-type Kenny Brain from Big Brother Canada: Season 2 again.
This time, the photos are brought to us from the Grindr realm, and PRE-beard era Kenny that will have you wishing you were smart enough to have thought to have had the kanji for “BIG” tattooed over your wang!
Check it out after NSFW the jump!

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    Pre-beard? Looks like he’s got one to me. I’ve gotta say, everything from the neck down is fine. But I hate this crazy beard look. It’s not that I hate facial hair. Just don’t understand why people want to look like crazy old prospectors. Definite boner killer.

    I agree with HG above…total boner killer with that ugly pointed wild west prospector beard.
    Somebody explain to him that the hipster beard is so already over…yawn. He is manscaping but missed the neck up.
    Put a bag on his head….it’s all good.

    As people have said the attention to his crotch beard is second-to-none so it’s a shame he has that ridiculous beard… and I gotta applaud his nerve to have the Chinese character for ‘large’ or ‘great’ tattooed right above his donger.

    LOL, the photos are not even of him.

    the Chinese tattoo he has above his penis means ‘big’ and oh do I agree.

    mr. man with the beard and big cock is hot.

    I couldn’t disagree with HG and Bigun more. That is one incredibly sexy man, with some incredibly large meat, with a highly-impressive beard. Beards all the way!

    Be like having sex with a member of the Duck Dynasty clan.

    Beards are bone killers?
    Great, more for me.

    He looks uncut with his foreskin pulled back. Anybody know for sure?

    It would be great IF that was actually him. The tatt is wrong though and on the wrong side. It’s still great to think it is him and fantasize about it though.

    Great pics but not him. Check out the tattoos…they don’t match! Left wrist in top pic of him does not have a tattoo, bottom pics has a tat.

    It makes sense that the tattoo in the prior pictures would be on the opposite side. The pictures were taken using a mirror. It is also possible that more work could have been added to the tattoo. An obvious problem would have been if there was more tattoo work in the earlier pictures than the newer.

    M, You are an idiot. The photos were taken in a mirror. You can’t seriously be that stupid can you?

    Tattoo is on the wrong side?! Man are you daft. This is a selfie taken in the mirror! Of course it’s going to be on the opposite side. Go back to school and stop polluting the gene pool.

    LOLOLOL @ tattoos on wrong side…it’s mirror magic! also, yes he’s uncircumcised. this guy is a total babe, but the ubiquitous gifs of him strutting around kinda ruins it for me. i’ll take these pics any day!

    To all you people saying it’s not him because the tattoos are on the wrong wide – you do realise that he’s taking a selfie in the mirror, right? FFS, it’s not rocket science!

    I wish there was a photo of his “man cave.”

    uncut? yuck


    Just a bit of FYI, for those of you who are calling people stupid about the “mirror” effect placing the tattoos on the “other” side. Check out his right arm in the very top pic (he is holding the jug with it). Now check out the right arm in the bottom pic, the one with the watch on it……..Shouldn’t the tattoo that runs down his ribs still be under the same arm, since you are viewing the subject from the same perspective????? (facing him)

    I’m gonna guess JH is one of those stupid people he was talking about? It’s a mirror reflection! The pic holding a jug is not. Therefore they both are not viewed from the same perspective!

    @JH are you being serious? It’s a reflection in a mirror, what you are referring to as his RIGHT arm with the watch on in the mirror is actually his LEFT arm. Because its a reflection taken on a phone from his perspective. That is how mirrors and reflections work. Maybe you should take a picture of yourself in a mirror, and then claim the picture is not of you because things are the wrong way around.

    What is indent above his his pubic area

    Its hilarious that people don’t think its him. Even with the argument that the tatoos are on the wrong side, like what? Do you honestly think there just happens to be another dude with the same exact tattoos as Kenny but they are just on a different side of him?

    His beard is utterly hot!
    Wish there were pics with his foreskin down…..!

    Just kidding guys….Kenny is really hot and I love that beard!

    Hot intact dick. Score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes him so much hotter to be natural.

    You’re right guys, it’s not him. There just happens to be a man in this world with the same build, same beard, similar face and the exact same tattoos just on the opposite side of his body. That is definitely it.

    Yay for natural dicks!!! Hot!!!!!!
    Am I allowed to say how sick I am of these bitter old People of a certain religion commenting on foreskin. This is the way god designed man. Stop being ignorant. For the record, dicks are hot whether you modify them or not, just stop being nasty about it. It says more about you than the guy you’re commenting on.

    Yuk. He’s cut?!
    @Ryan are you talking about Muslims who account for ¼ of the world’s population?

    So irritating the attention he gets. Okay so he’s well endowed it doesn’t take away the fact that this tool is so utterly obsessed with himself and completely shallow and self absorbed. I’m glad he didn’t make it anywhere else. Identifies as gay but still is attracted to females? Hey hey look at me everyone!!!

    OMG, I had a great time with this guy in San Francisco! He is truly a player and lots of fun.

    So… my main concern in second picture compared to first is the way he is holding phone…. completely different for snapping a picture… the veins in second pic compared to first above his shaft…but that could be lighting which again second picture is interesting considering the light behind him and the light to his right then with everything hilighted but his face… notice hieght of hand with phone but yet the light fails to reach face???…

    He looks fucking gorgeous but! He knows it….massive turn off, narcissist !

    Like him better with the beard, and so disappointed he trims his pubes.

    Very impressive he needs a fluffer next time he takes a pics naked thou

    Uncut dicks are a total boner-killer for me. I just tremble with utter disgust at the sight of one regardless of how the foreskin is. I honestly don’t want anything to do with any guy who wears one. Excuse me while I puke my guts out!

    tat right under his navel is Chinese 大 - da. Means big-large-grand.
    I’d say so.

    I realize I’ll have to turn in my gaycard for this, but I don’t find naked pictures of men all that interesting (I prefer the mystery of a fully clothed person), and am not into big dicks. As to the cut or uncut status – get therapy if natural human anatomy actually makes you feel nauseated.

    The line from a song in “Imitation of Life” comes to mind…enough to make a good girl go bad. LOL

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