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!! OMG, sex sells (and then saves the environment): ‘Pornhub Gives America Wood’ campaign is planting new trees by the thosands !!

Apparently, everybody’s favourite wanktemple Pornhub has gotten into the tree-hugging business and created a campaign called Pornhub Gives America Wood that promises to donate one tree to the world for every large member watched in it’s “big dick” category! That’s about the sweetest and most touching thing we’ve heard all week… and it’s only just Monday!
UM — Pornhub BETTER be helping the environment! I mean, do they even know how much toilet paper is wasted on their website every day? Who’s gonna pay for all that!? At least this campaign will help reduce their carbon dickfootprint… So far, over 12,000 trees have been donated and are set to be planted, which suggests that environmentalists have been hard at work saving the planet by viewing these videos.

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