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!! OMG, I feel so represented! Facebook drops new ‘PRIDE’ emoji packet just in time for Gay Pride !!

Facebook wants to show that they’re not JUST about deleting lesbian kiss photos randomly on their site, and that they actually support the gays. They GET us! So just in time for gay pride, Facebook is dropping a pack of emoji catering specifically to your sexuality IF you live in the gay village, and have lived there your whole life. And are wearing khaki capri pants right now. With pink flip flops. And a baby tee.

The ‘Pride’ pack of 28 emoji include various romantic couples and same-sex parents, as well as marchers in a Pride parade, a cyclist in an AIDS Ride, gay sailors hugging, a supportive dad with his queer son, and a leather daddy walking his leather puppy.

UM — am I the only one who noticed they forgot a tweaked out twink with hi-lights and a severely plucked eyebrow offering you a bump from a key in a toilet stall, or maybe a bull-dyke shopping at Home Depot with some two-by-fours on her shoulder as emojis!? 28 stereotypes is NEVER ENOUGH for just one emoji pack! They should know this by now!
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