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!! OMG, new short film starring Kirsten Dunst depressingly captures the ‘selfie’ generation’s lack of human interaction !!

The power of a great short film! In just two minutes, this short film by director Matthew Frost starring actress Kirsten Dunst sums up the world’s depressing obsession with cell-phones and selfies (and the lack of human-interaction that comes as a result). It basically does what a good horror film does.
Check it out below!

ASPIRATIONAL from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

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    Love this short film. I often wonder whether people are so busy uploading and hash tagging their experiences that they actually miss the experience itself…

    The short film was awesome. It was emotionally moving as well. The fact that two self-centered, self-absorbed girls treated Kirsten Dunst like an object you’d put on a shelf rather than the human being she is says a lot about our fame obsessed society. It also shows how technology can degrade a person down to an object and how today’s technology enslaves rather than serves. Incredible.

    No one plays “dead in the eye” better than Kirsten Dunst.

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