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!! OMG, Mean Tweets: The Gay Adult Film Star Edition !!

Watch some of the stars of Men.com, including Colby Keller, Paddy O’Brian and Dato Foland read aloud mean things people have said about them on Twitter. Jimmy Kimmel would be proud (he started the trend with celebrity guests).
After the NSFW jump, we have a couple Halloween treats for you: An exclusive discounted Men.com membership for !! omg blog !! readers, and the trailer for a new werewolf-themed film called Howl starring some of the guys in the video above.

Click here to view the NSFW trailer for Howl, and sign up for Men.com at the reduced monthly rate of $19.95 (regular $30).

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    Thanks for the commentary, Qwertz! We thought it was a cute video, and yes, we do make money if you sign up for Men.com through our site. I hope you’ll consider supporting us that way if you like the actors. Best, Frank

    what a stupid advertising page.

    They dersv it specialy gab and brady such an assholes bitchs

    Freaking hilarious. I’ve been a member of men.com for years and Paddy O’Brian is HOT.

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