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!! OMG, YASS: Our favourite Family Circus clipping yet… !!

They always were so on-point [kenneth]
…speaking of dads, Beyonce‘s dad apparently pitched a Destiny’s Child biopic to Sony last year [dlisted]
Stephen Amell gets his tits out again to help hone his craft [ohlala]
No idea who Robbie Rogers is… but I think I may need to change my underwear [socialite life]
Harry Styles/Obama gay SEX rumours! [queerty]
Blohan is moving to LANDAN ANGLAND to pursue a career playing various bucket wenches in period pieces [celebitchy]
The SAG Award nominations are out [popbytes]
Russia continues to ignore anti-gay attacks amidst it’s ‘gay propaganda’ law [towleroad]
FRC radio host is uncertain on whether gay people should be executed [joemygod]
A Bulldog and two gays sing frozen. That is all. [boy culture]
Iconic leaders reimagined as hipsters [unrealitymag]
The top 10 jewish celebrities [celeb cafe]

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