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!! OMG, gossip: Republican congressman Aaron Schock resigns in disgrace after flying male companion using taxpayers’ money !!

Aaron Schock, the Downton-loving “straight” Republican congressman resigns in disgrace after taking handsome male photog on trip with him using taxpayers’ money [celebitchy]
Which divas would you wanna see guest on EMPIRE? [boy culture]
Playgirl offers Rob Kardashian a personal trainer, and $500 for every pound he loses in exchange for a shot of his goods [queerty]
Donald Trump will attempt to run for President [dlisted]
Luke Evans shows off his hot shirtless body on Instagram [socialite life]
RETRO THROWBACK: Siouxsie‘s Face To Face [kenneth]
GOP Iowa state Rep. Ross Paustian is against same-sex marriage but he’s totally for enjoying sexytime reading while Democratic lawmakers introduce amendments to a bill that would change collective bargaining rights for teachers. [joemygod]
Oregon house of representatives passes measure outlawing conversion therapy [towleroad]
Pokemon bath bombs! [unrealitymag]
Marina and the Diamonds serve up some FROOT [popbytes]
Some blonde model piece has his hoo-haa out again (NSFW) [ohlala]
The top 10 character deaths on The Walking Dead [celeb cafe]

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