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!! OMG, gossip: Robert Pattinson is reportedly getting super buff for his next film !!

It’s gonna be a babeness OVERLOAD! [socialite life]
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are still rubbing down dere parts [dlisted]
Guerilla artists erect large Edward Snowden NSA whistleblower bust in NYC park [towleroad]
Did The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt drive celebrity dermatologist Fredric Brandt to end his life? [kenneth]
Lohan is learning how to use photoshop LIVE in front of our eyes and I’m enchanted [celebitchy]
What have you done for me lately!? Cyndi Lauper raises $50K for LGBTQ youth in just two days [joemygod]
Bravo! NY Boy Scouts challenge National gay ban by hiring out camp counsellor [queerty]
Smash my ears against the chandelier: Ten songs you didn’t know were written by Sia [celeb cafe]
Model Bo Develius for OUT Magazine [ohlala]
I’ve never thought about who “The Most Worthless Person In Jurassic Park” was, but apparently, this kid was IT [unrealitymag]
My outfit for Friday is already planned. Find it here [boy culture]

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