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!! “OMG, all the good men are either taken or GAY!” Two male contestants on The Bachelorette fall in LOVE during taping of show !!


Ok first of all, why are gay men in North America always named like they’re expecting from a paycheque from Sean Cody?

Clint and JJ from this season of The Bachelorette have apparently thrown the Bachelorette a curveball, and got her UGG boots all in a twist by declaring their gay LOVE for EACHOTHER live on the show! SCANDAL! This is going to be to “Bruce Jenner TV event” of the season to educate the remaining rednecks that still watch this shit that gay LOVE still exists, even within their dating circles! They’re gonna really LOVE that!

This season’s lady, Kaitlyn Bristowe, thought she had found a potential match. She gave her first one-on-one rose to Clint Arlis. But her heart was quickly broken when he declared his love for another man… His fellow contestant JJ Lane. Gasp! “It’s absolutely insane,” Arlis, who always thought of himself as straight, said during his on-camera interview before dropping the bomb to Bristowe. “I never thought that I’d meet somebody like that. Falling in love with a man never crossed my mind.”

Arlis then went on to explain that he and Lane had “grown very close to each other in the shower.”
Unfortunately, those scenes were not captured by the camera crew, so we’ll just have to take his word on it.
When Arlis sat down with Bristowe to break the news, he told her he was “100 percent” in love with Lane, adding that she’s “not the right girl for me.”

Uhhh I would say that’s probably the understatement of the century there, Clint! And Clint has a big surprise coming if he thinks that hooking up with someone in the showers equals LOVE — Bless his heart! Just think of how much LOVE Clint is gonna find when he hits Century Day and Night Spa in LA! But seriously, we wish Clint and JJ all the best and I hope we’re invited to their wedding for a threesome!

Check out the trailer for Clint and JJ’s LOVE triangle, where JJ snatches Clint away from Kaitlyn like a pterodactyl, after the jump!

[via queerty]

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    Thanks ABC for more bi-erasure and ignorance thanks to this reckless, shameful, publicity stunt garbage.

    if your gay why would you be on a show that your going to date and married to a woman if she picks you for that

    Why no pics of clint arlis and JJ Lane in shower and hot tub? from the bachelorette

    They admitted before it aired it was publicity and nothing happened. It was all ratings. They are reality show scum.

    This was just queer-baiting by ABC. Clint and JJ started a bromance and think that Brokeback Mountain is a funny movie so they colluded with the producers to spit out those lines and make it more than it actually was. Shame on The Bachlorette and shame on ABC for doing this.

    Of course we wish them well, but doesn’t this seem a little like a “reality” show setup? I just don’t know and have never heard of a anyone claiming to be straight who comes out this fast and this public, it just smells and looks like a scripted “surprise”.

    Igor, when I read “Ok first of all, why are gay men in North America always named like they’re expecting from a paycheque from Sean Cody?” I laughed so hard that I spat coffee on my computer screen! So true! Is it a plot by mind-altering queer aliens?

    This is shameful gay baiting by Abc. This entire story is false they just cut the quotes to churn up interest in the show.

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