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!! OMG, gossip: Did BRAVO’s Andy Cohen once top Lance Bass? !!


TMI? [queerty]

Thirsty gran steals a kiss from Prince Hot Ginge [socialite life]

Chris Hemsworth shows off his Boogie Nights prosthetic in the trailer for the new National Lampoons flick [kenneth]

Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively sign on to Woody Allen‘s new film [celebitchy]

Jennifer Aniston is gonna be a cool mum in that MEAN MOMS movie [dlisted]

Grab a spare pair: Here’s a new gallery of Nick Jonas pics [ohlala]

Here’s the face of the dude that beat the gay couple in that attack in Chelsea last week [boy culture]

Survey says 30% of Tinder users are married [joemygod]

The gayest thing you’ve ever seen: An acrobat proposes to his boyfriend (also an acrobat) on live TV [towleroad]

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