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!! OMG, gossip: STAR says that Brad Pitt has been a peen-loving rentboy customer for the past 10 years !!


OH! PALAIYYYYSE CAN THIS B TRU? We’d be lying we said “THAT DON’ IMPRESS ME MUCH!” [celebitchy]

Madonna‘s first 5 tourdates for her REBEL SHART tour have been rescheduled [boy culture]

Joe Jonas gets horny with a Proactiv poster of Adam Levine‘s purdy mouth [socialite life]

Here’s John Travolta in drag as Kris Jenner‘s ex-hubby Robert Shapiro [dlisted]

“I thought Warren was gay. He played piano, and all his friends were gay.”Jane Fonda on Warren Beatty [queerty]

Shirtless beefcake alert! Tim Tebow, Shemar Moore, David Beckham, Mark Wahlberg, Joe Manganiello, Scott Eastwood, Andy Cohen and Matthew Bomer all hit the beach [kenneth]

Kilty as charged! Models wear kilts for Versus Versace [ohlala]

More hypocrisy as anti-gay reverend is exposed as searching for sex on Grindr [towleroad]

Surprise, surprise! Anti-gay Josh Duggar, of the Duggar clan, the same man who said he was worried trans women would ‘molest little girls if we allow them to share the same restroom’, ended up being a child molester himself [joemygod]

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    I doubt this story is true. The pic of the “hunk” is of Cameron Fox who reportedly died last June.

    Maybe this is queer wishful thinking, but I always had a feeling about Brad–yeah! That feeling! Wondering if he had ever put that beautiful butt to good use.

    I wanted to share this as I didn’t see a “contact us” section and would love for you to take a glance.


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