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!! OMG, her beardiness, Conchita Wurst, covers Rolling Stone Germany !!


Gorjuss! 2015 is definitely a big year for some fluid gender-ness in the media!

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    If I recall correctly, back in the day (probably 40-years ago or more now) bearded, and otherwise scruffy drag was called “scrag” which by definition has been defined as being:

    1. a lean or scrawny person or animal.

    …which just about sums up the entirety of Ms Wurst.

    Oh well… that is too sexy 😀


    Put a shirt on, I’m tired of looking at your duct tapes! Why is it, whenever some starlet thinks she needs to prove she is an adult, she gets out her duct tapes? We can agree you’re an adult and respect you without needing a duct tape slip.

    *straight face* What?

    Whatever it is, it has set back LGBT issues by 20 years!

    Conchita Wurst is not trans, just a very talented and sexy drag queen! 🙂

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