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!! OMG, quote of the day: Margaret Cho goes in on SNL for letting Donald Trump host and touches on their lack of Asian representation in hosting duties !!

Comedian, actress and outspoken social rights activist Margaret Cho.

Comedian, actress and outspoken social rights activist Margaret Cho.

“Why has there never been an Asian-American host, cast member or musical guest on ‘SNL’ in 41 years? Forty-one years. Yet they want Donald Trump, a known racist, a known sexist, who disgustingly wants to have sex with his daughter. Who does he think he is, Woody Allen?” (I think Lucy Liu has hosted before)

“People come at me and say, ‘Oh, Fred Armisen is a quarter Japanese, Rob Schneider is half Filipino.’ Yeah, that makes three-quarters of an Asian-American, not even in one person, in 41 years.”

“I’m proposing Ken Jeong. I would like to be the musical guest. That’s all I ask. They would take a momentous step forward, if they include Ken Jeong or myself. If not us, George Takei, who is hilarious and ultimately needs to be given that honor.”

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    I am so sick and tired of Margaret Cho’s outspokenness. She is one of the celebrities I blame for this cultural phenomenon of victimhood and marginalization as a status symbol. It is a declaration of “Look at me! I am a forgotten victim!” Everyone’s a victim these days: the christian conservatives are victims, the gays are victims, the blacks, the jews, the Koreans – every group has an offense to cling to in a public display of cultural martyrdom and that sadly today is what defines an American – the level of offense to their character they perceive on a daily basis. Also, shouldn’t she be re-directing her criticism away from Lorne Michaels and towards the entertainment industry that has developed no viable asian celebrities for him to feature on his show as hosts? The business does not inspire Asians into comedy – thats his fault how? Even Margaret Cho herself has riffed on her Korean parents wanting her to be a doctor. She is not acknowledging her own culture’s contribution to a lack of Asian faces in entertainment. This Woman strikes me as a smart person who had her IQ deplete by some liberal super-virus. PS – pooping in your car jokes have never been funny nor will they ever be.

    Cho, go away. You suck.

    Didn’t Lucy Liu host? I distinctly remember her hosting. Is she not Asian American?


    I vote Ken Jeong.
    And is that a comment by Donald Trump. I read it in Trumps voice-“Margaret hasn’t been Funny for over 10 Years … she’s OVER”

    Margaret hasn’t been Funny for over 10 Years … she’s OVER

    All of the support for George Takei to host! I would be 100% behind this (pun intended) 😉

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