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!! OMG, hey Tina! Meth use is apparently on the rise in a big way for gay men in NYC !!


…in other news, OAKLEYS sunglasses’ stock just rose 80%! [queerty]

Someone actually nominated that constipated orange, Oompla Loompa for a Nobel Peace Prize [celebitchy]

…and Elton John told him to stop using his music on his crusade of being a LOOOOSER [joemygod]

SCHANPP OUTTA VIT! Chaz Bono talks to Oprah [boy culture]

Lily Collins is gonna show new beau Nick Jonas what his brows could look like if he didn’t pluck [socialite life]

NYC is about to fine sleeping Subway riders [kenneth]

Tom Daley is still working hard at becoming the next Davey Wavey [towleroad]

And here’s Willam Dafoe dressed like Willam Belli as Marilyn Monroe after getting her wig snatched [dlisted]

Aye aye, sailor! Jean Paul Gaultier‘s news FACTORY ad is here [ohlala]

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