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!! OMG, …and speaking of which: Aaron Carter and Chris Crocker is the couple you’ve been on hunger-strike waiting for !!

Aaron Carter and Chrissy Crocker got nice and cuddly this week. I’m not sure if these two met at rehab, but they really are perfect for eachother. Congrats to the gorgeous couple!

Aaron found his candy. 💅🏼

A photo posted by Chris Crocker (@itschriscrocker) on

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    sorry Ted I will disagree, this is just who he is or wants to be, it doesn’t make him any less deserving just cause you wouldn’t sleep with him.

    chris crocker is so ghetto. why do queens think it’s attractive to talk and act like that. It’s like the more flamboyant you are, the bitchier you are, and the more confidence you have to think you’re the shit when you’re really just a big turnoff to those of us who actually like men. Not poofs.

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