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!! OMG, he’s naked: Actor Joaquín Ferreira in the Mexican play ’23 Centimeters’ !!


You may remember him as “El Potro” from Nextflix’s Club de Cuervos. And if you don’t… well… let’s just say you’ll probably remember him now. Check out actor Joaquín Ferreira in the Mexican play ’23 Centimeters’ after the NSFW jump!












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    wow may i have you please

    Latinos are usually long and thick. They get it from their Southern European side most definately.


    Beautiful Young Man. Fine form of the Male Body. I like that he is not all marked up….

    We are all a bit exhibitionist if we allow ourselves to be. I would love the opportunity to be on stage like that. I am often on stage nude but it is typically middle-aged artist that would not appreciate a semi hard display.

    Awesome dick!


    Is that a prosthetic? After all the play is called 23 cm?

    Someone needs to offer him an insane amount of money to do gay porn. Would definitely pay to see some hot bottom take all 9 inches.

    I’d love to save the images but everyone has a women in it. I don’t want to see women in pictures or videos when I am using them to get off. I am exclusively into men. female nudity disgusts me. not that the women is naked. I just don’t want to stroke my dick while there is a women in the picture. women do nothing for me.

    Very Very Hot. hes got an erection. when you click on the images to enlarge they don’t get much bigger. I wish they were higher resolution. phones now a days can make higher resolution videos then that.

    Is he wearing a cock ring?

    OMG. What does his understudy look like?

    WOW that is huge! I love latino ass and dick!!!! Shannon shut up cuz this guy is ASSTONISHING and WONDICKFUL!

    OMG! THAT is one AMAZING looking man and dick! DAYUM!

    Wow! If you were in the front row you’d get you’re eye poked out.

    Great face, cock, and body.

    Hot but disturbing…he’s like…hard…on stage…

    Whattttttt I want him now!!

    Does it get fully hard in this show? I hope those pics are leaked soon 🙂

    This is what I call real acting. This guy can do everything from Godzilla to Willy Loman. What a talent!

    Was this during a sex scene? He looks half hard.

    Damn – he is getting aroused from all the showing off he is doing. I think he likes showing us his naked body.

    That’s impressive. Best nude posting here in ages.

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