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!! OMG, quote of the day: Paul Dini, the Co-Creator of Harley Quinn, loves Margot Robbie’s version !!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.32.46 AM

“I know it’s jarring to a lot of the people who love the classic Bruce Timm suit, I love it myself. But in that world [of the Suicide Squad movie], I just don’t see it happening,” Dini told the Shanlian On Batman podcast on Thursday (transcribed by Forbes). “It’s a rougher, more street look. I think it works fine.”

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!! OMG, grab the Ben-gay: Andrew Tarusov turns classic Looney-Tunes characters into senior citizens !!


Bit of a late start today after the long-weekend, and this morning had us feeling a bit like Andrew Tarusov‘s renditions of classic Looney Tunes characters in geriatric form. Find the rest after the jump!


[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, colour yourself charitable! The Never Apart colouring book lets you bring life to your fave gay icons of the past !!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 12.10.53 PM

The Never Apart LGBT Historic Colouring Book is a fun and retro-kitsch project that also serves as an educational tool. So much of queer history has been erased and is not something we are taught in school, so this colouring book for charity is here to refresh your memory and educate the young’ins!

Growing up, many of us did not have queer role models. In this cool, collectible art book, we celebrate some of queer history’s most colourful trailblazers: legends and heroic symbols of our struggles, talents, and achievements. In Colour by Icons, it’s up to you to colour inside or outside the lines. Never Apart is a non-profit organization in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, determined to bring about social change and spiritual awareness through programming with global reach and impact.

Never Apart seeks to educate on equality, the environment, and conscious living, while celebrating both established and emerging artists. The platform is geared towards igniting change through gatherings, music, art exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops, and special events.

Never Apart is be selling the colouring book for $20.00 with 50% going to Rainbow Railroad and 50% to going directly into funding youth-focused programming at Never Apart. There are 25 iconic images found inside and bound in the 1980’s Colouring Book style. We are also collaborating with a number of artists who took on the task of colouring a page in the book. Their collaborative works are on display as a part of our first ever art exhibition in our Never Apart Gallery. They will be auctioned off for the same cause later in the fall. There are also 3 different “Colour by Icons” T-shirts available in a multitude of sizes.

To purchase on-line please go to: www.neverapart.com/store or, catch a glimpse of the exhibit opening here: vimeo.com/131885499

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