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!! OMG, it’s the OTHER musical event of the year! Kendra Wilkinson releases single and video with ‘Lost In Space’ !!

Ex-Playboy bunny, reality star and person who changed Hef‘s diapers, Kendra Wilkinson, is serving up a hot-as-fiyahhh new single Lost In Space! I can officially guarantee that when my friends are drunk on a dock somewhere this summer, that this gift from God will be added to a long list of classics, alongside fare such as Countess LuAnne‘s ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’, Kim Zolciak‘s ‘Tardy For The Party’, Tyra‘s ‘Shake Ya Body’ and many, many more! — (And you just KNOW she does NOT have the actual clearance to use that Lost In Space footage! Whatever – love it!)

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Sophie Turner says Jennifer Lawrence punched her in the vagina !!


“[Jennifer Lawrence] punched me in the vagina once. I didn’t ask her to either. It just happened. (Co-star) Evan (Peters) and I were having a fake fight and I said something like, ‘I’ll cunt punch you’ or ‘I’ll punch you in the crotch’ and then Jen thought that I said, ‘Please cunt punch me, Jen’, so she punched me in the vagina and I was like, ‘Awesome!’ It was pretty funny.”

X-Men Apolocolypse‘s Sophie Turner on that time that JLaw punched her in the new-new!

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!! OMG, here’s what Marvel Comics’ most iconic male heroes might look like if we presented them in comics the way we do women !!


What if Marvel released sexy variant covers for every comic they released? Why couldn’t “Magneto” #1 feature the master of magnetism in a brokeback pose with a come hither look? … Sexiness isn’t inherently a bad thing (whether or not comics ostensibly aimed at an all-ages audience even need sexy covers is a whole other issue), it just needs to be an equal thing.

DAMGGG! “Matt & Brett Love Comics” decided to give male superheroes some sexy variant covers of their very own. Check out the images after the jump! Who’s your favourite? Who brings you to your knees like Kryptonite?

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, quote of the day: James Franco talks about his obsession with gay topics within his work !!


“When I was studying at NYU, I took classes in critical studies, and one of my favorites was on queer cinema. We’ve told the straight, heteronormative stories ad nauseam by now, in our movies, our shows, our commercials – everywhere. I think it’s healthy to make work that disrupts and questions that, and shows alternative narratives. That’s what an artist should do.”

James Franco, on his obsession with gay topics within the art and film he makes while chatting to RollingStone.

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Oscar-winning animator Phil Tippet admits that he was on LSD when working on ‘Return of the Jedi’ !!


“I took LSD when I was working on Return of the Jedi, and it’s fine. It was, like, very calming. And so I decided to go back to work. When I walked into the blue-screen stage, it was like, ‘Ahhh.’ I took way too much.”

– Oscar-winning animator Phil Tippet admitting that he was on LSD when working on ‘Return of the Jedi’

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