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!! OMG, it’s here: Parkdale Fashion Week !!

This Friday at Wrong Bar in Toronto is Big Primpin: The Parkdale Fashion Week Recessionista Edition.
DJS: Tuff Luv | Phil V | Rory Them Finest | Spinning Hip-Hop for Homos
Fresh from shooting the runways of New York, Milan & Paris, BP friend Tommy Ton (JAK & JIL BLOG) turns his lens on Parkdale Fashion Week, capturing international make-up artist at large, Chloe Bijoux, leaving the DOLLARAMA fashion show for our flyer.
Recessionista outfits strongly encouraged.
Doors open at 10pm. Come early to avoid the line-up!

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!! OMG, how terrifying: Evangelical Landlord !!

RUTH STOOPS definitely would not do well at a Halifax apartment advertised for rent on Kijiji:

About us:

We are conservative, bible believing, God-fearing, born again, evangelical Christians. We interpret the bible literally in every way possible. We live a strict moral code and observe God’s laws in our everyday life. My wife stays at home and teaches our home-schooled children. I work as a pastor at a local congregation and am active in the faith community.

About you: (Tenant)

• You are employed

• You do not participate in lascivious deviant sexual behavior

• You do not choose alternative lifestyles as your lifestyle

• You do not have any criminal history

• You must have excellent character references

• You do not smoke, drink or take drugs. Mandatory drug screening required.

It gets even crazier with time limits on the “exercise yard” and I.D. bracelets. I wonder if the GOD WARRIOR moved to Halifax…?
Read the rest after the jump. Thanks to Mark for sending this in!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, she’s hawking couches: Cindy Crawford !!

And tacky couches at that! Why didn’t she just do a headband line? Cause I really don’t know if the world needs another overstuffed leather couch.
Click HERE and HERE to see commercials for her exclusively Canadian furniture. Damn we’re lucky.

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!! OMG, it’s divine: Gucci !!

A church in Hamilton, Ontario has been stripped of its charitable license after using funds to buy questionable items. The Dominion Christian Centre of Canada, led by Peter Rigo and his wife Peggy, bought items from Gucci, gym memberships, and trips to Hawaii using donor money.
Ugh, why are they being stripped of their license? That sounds like the only church I might go to. Gucci? Hawaii? Works for me.

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