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!! OMG, chill vibes for all: “Dude Chilling Park” sign becomes official and permanent for East Vancouver park !!


Residences of East Vancouver’s Guelph Park have got some sweet new public art to celebrate this week, as the “DUDE CHILLING PARK” sign that appeared in their park (but was taken down) — has made its triumphant and permanent return!

The sign was created by artist Viktor Briestensky and designed to mirror the format of other city park signs. Its original location was near a Michael Dennis sculpture of a lounging figure in Guelph Park. When park staff noticed the sign last November, it was taken down. But an outpouring of support through social media for the sign led the park board to reconsider.

Though, not everyone is happy.
It wouldn’t be the year 2014 without some uptight bitches weighing in on this! Steven Bohus of RAMP, the Residents Association of Mount Pleasant, says his organization was not consulted about the sign.

“A lot of the residents feel that this isn’t a game. There is a school there, there’s a parents’ advisory committee, and I don’t think this is a joke.”

Actually, Steve — pretty sure it is a joke — a good one. Just have a seat and chill, dude! Pretty sure it’s not gonna effect the school kids. (Besides, shouldn’t RAMP be busy over at the elementary school trying to change Halloween to “black and orange day”?)

Meanwhile, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner Trevor Loke says that “more than 300 local residents were consulted with 8 per cent disapproving of the sign. 1,500 residents signed a petition in favour of the sign.” Park Board Commissioner Sarah Blyth says that the support on Twitter has been huge, and that she’s never “seen such broad support in a long time for art.”

Congrats to the residences of Mount Pleasant and welcome back, DUDE CHILLING PARK! Chill vibes for all!

[via globalnews]

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!! OMG, can I haz skinny cheesburger mocha, no whip?: Montreal Opens First Ever North American Cat Café !!

FINALLY, your cat can be as anal and annoying as your ass, every morning when you spend 7 dollars on a half-caffeine, half-fat, soya one-pump vanilla bean latte, no bubbles, no whip, no eye-contact, extra hot, with orange toffee nut sprinkles!
Café Chat l’Heureux, a cat cafe, will be opening this summer in Montreal’s Plateau, and not only will you be able to cuddle with your feline friends while you enjoy your coffee, but you’ll also be able to take comfort in the fact that it’s all for a good cause! According to MTL Blog:

Straight out of Asia, the initiative behind this new cat café is to raise awareness on the treatment of animals in Quebec. Brought to Montreal by Clément Marty, after travelling Japan and South Korea, the feline-focused joint will have everything a normal cafe has (coffee, pastries, tea) just with a bunch of cats walking, napping, and prowling all over the place. Very much a social initiative, Café Chat l’Heureux will facilitate the adoption of cats, promote the awareness of animal issues, and hopefully better the lives of customers with calming”cat therapy.”

So, will you be making the trip to Montreal for a coffee with a side of catnip anytime soon?

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!! OMG, #FearTheBeards: Canadian Olympic Bobsled Team Strip Down !!

A bunch of hosers also known as the Canadian Olympic Bobsled Team took to Twitter on Monday while weighing in their 4man-Bobsled-Race weight to post a picture. It just so happens, when you weigh-in, you can’t be wearing clothes, eh? You just gotta Giv’her!
We love that they’re bringing major bear vibes to Sochi. If you’re digging the Canadian Bobsled Team‘s display, you can always cheer them on via Twitter under hashtag: #FearTheBeards! Check out an interview with the bros below!

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!! OMG, congratulations! Arcade Fire’s Will Butler & Owen Pallett Nominated For An Oscar !!

Canada’s Owen Pallett and Arcade Fire member Will Butler have won themselves an Academy Award nomination for ‘Best Original Score’ for their work on the film Her. GET IT, HUNTIES!
Pallett (who you may know formerly as Final Fantasy) is a regular collaborator with The Arcade Fire. The pair worked with director Spike Jonze to create the score for the Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, and Scarlett Johansson-starring film about a lonely writer who develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need. (It happens to the best of us!)
We’ve got our fingers crossed for the boys, and wish them the best of luck! Other nominees in the category include The Book Thief, Gravity, Philomena, and Saving Mr. Banks. People who weren’t nominated for an Oscar this year include OPRAH.

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!! OMG, Janet Davis is our hero: Crackhead Mayor Rob Ford’s Brother Doug Ford Told To Shut His ‘F–king Mouth’ By Toronto Councillor !!

Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford confessed to smoking crack back in November, yet somehow he and his brother Doug still have their jobs! NICE ONE!
Well today, counciller Janet Davis decided to speak her mind when she walked up to cutie Doug Ford during a meeting about programs for the children and families of Toronto, and told him to “keep his f*cking mouth shut”! WERRRRK, honnay!
Doug (who looks like a giant 5 year-old) responded like a 5 year-old by saying:

“She just came up and told me to keep my effing mouth shut, I don’t need that talk up here,”
“Why don’t you just leave?” he said to Davis. “You call yourself a lady, give me a break.”

Boo-hoo! Let’s not forget that the Ford brothers are likely tied to Anthony Smith‘s murder, smoke crack cocaine, have been caught on tape threatening to kill someone, and talk about their sexual practices in vulgar terms, while live on air, for all to watch!
The chairperson at the meeting made Janet apologize to Doug, and Janet later tweeted this:
Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 5.17.13 PM.png
Really, no need to apologize, Janet!
[via huffpo]

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