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!! OMG, YOYOMAX12: serving up panda-loaf realness !!

Don’t be confused by the name, ‘YOYOMAX’ is definitely not a west coast rapper who’s giving Lil’ Kim a run for her old money; just some unassuming lady who likes bread and cakes and cute animals.
Yoyo has the best theme toon ever. The ingredients for her opening credits are as follows:
bubble font
super fade
friesian cow kettle quirky cooky crooked closeup shots

Unless you’re going to make this cutsie loaf or want to watch her WRAP THE PANDA IN A DOUGHEY BLANKET at 5.00, you may want to skip to about 7.00 where the video becomes exponentially less informative and more pandaful.
She also makes a mean pride loaf; that is a rainbow flag bread loaf, not the other type of pride loaf.

“first slice, kind of disappointed, thought it was like a mutant panda, but as ii kept slicing the cute panda started to emerge…and there we go, cute little panda hiding in a loaf of bread”

eeeeeep! I’m WAVING AT THE LOAF-PANDA because he’s looking at me inside the screen.

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!! OMG, Massive A-cat: cat terrified of Nicki’s face !!

This cat’s just minding his own business and then that crazy lunatic Nicki comes at him with her pink hair screaming that she’s gonna “SHIT IT ON ‘EM”…erm I think I might be a little freaked out too, and I too would meow [if that was the extent of my vocatbulary] and run away.
…and if she kept coming at me I’d just keep on running, in case she’d catch me and put me in her bee trap, and rename me LIL’ MARIAH KIM-KAT!

“Look it’s Nicki Minaj…she’s a rapper extraordinaire”

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!! OMG, All that Jazz: Barbara Walters meets Jazz !!

I have a bit of a problem with term “gender identity disorder”: There is so much apparent love and support amongst Jazz’ family and friends, it’s hard to look at her situation as ‘disordered’.
Barbara Walters asks Jazz about the potential problems facing her when it comes to dating, now she is growing up:

“If any of the boys decline me based on my situation then I just know they are not right for me. At all”

I love that Barbara says “pooberty”, I imagine this is like when you grow pubes and poop at the same time ? Cute !
[via huffpost]

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!! OMG, fist this: Timeless ‘Infinity Piece’ !!

This watch is timeless in both design and functionality, and it’s super shimmery sexyful.

“Most people don’t even wear watches for the sake of functionality, so why not remove function altogether?┬áTimeless time pieces.” -Jeff Hamada

Speaking of sexyful [honestly I liked the watch before I even saw the video], here is super shimery sexyful designer Levi Maestro talking about his time piece, in the middle of a sweaty boxing club. How did he know about my FISTING BOXER FANTASY?

[via booooooom]

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