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!! OMG, what a Rotten review: Johnny Rotten reviews Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ !!

Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten reviews Katy Perry’s “‘All Of Me’ or ‘Something Of Me’ or ‘Little Bits & Pieces Of Me’“…geez Johnny, it’s not a blooming horror film, but I guess he does point out that he’s not generally a film critic, and we’ll let him continue [“or die”] as -you know- he would like God to save the queen and he is wearing an amazing OVERSIZED CARAMEL-MACK to complete his golden-oldie pirate ensemble.
He makes generous hair care recommendations, calls her dad a “nutter skinhead priest” and becomes beadily “interested in [Katy’s] other areas”, by this he means her COTTON CANDY MOUND I think.

“I don’t like dem songs..cacky pop fodder…This is what can happen when you spoil your children!”

I want Johnny to have his own film critique show on the regular…‘ROTTEN REVIEWS’…please!
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!! OMG, FRANCO-FILES: 3 James Franco portraits !!


“Do you think that I come off as not humble?”

Under 3 chapters entitled ‘The Image’, ‘The Artist’, and ‘The Ego’, Bullett spoke to Franco about his various deep-throating scenes, his continuing curation of his public persona as the guy with all his fingers in all the pies, and the inherent backfire from asking questions about mainstream heteronormativity that Franco is becoming all too familiar with:

“Criticism can sting but not for long…If anyone wants to say that my doing these things makes me a jerk, that’s not about me–that’s about people reacting to me.”

You can read the 3 portraits in their entirety HERE, and view the accompanying photo portraits after the jump.

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, Shit Roman & Jason say…to each other…about various stuff and things: Roman & Jason, Videogram About Love !!

If you don’t know Filmmaker and Photographer Graydon Sheppard’s work, well then “where have you been bitch…grandma’s been raped? so says Mr G, but it’s OK, it’s not that urgent, but nearly!
You may have been an avid reader of his posts on this very blog in the olden days of omgblog, you may be familiar with his photies, or remember that little re-made-to-filth video series starring Juliette Lewis; a certain ‘Shit Girls Say’?!…also created by and staring the demure and chic Miss Sheppard.
Graydon’s new video, inspired by Twitter’s video app Vine, takes on the form of a back-and-forth question-answer session between Hollywood cousins Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman, with such questions as “What’s the least romantic Valentine you could get”, to which Roman’s answer is a wiener wearing a blue bow.
I personally believe a FLACCID MEAT-STICK with a SKY-BLUE BOW around it’s neck is quite sweet and thoughtful, and a little sexy.
Here’s hoping that Graydon follows through and directs Roman’s new music video for his hypothetical love song entitled ‘There is a place, it is my paradise’, starring a line of dancing blue silk-clad hot-dogs?!
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!! OMG, puss puss: Paris Kain’s ‘Octo-Pussy’ !!

We started Tuesday with the 8-legged puss, so we’ll end with some more ‘Octo-Pussy’:
Wearing a Rick Owens SS 2011 leather shoulder-dress [stolen no-doubt from URSULA’S UNDERWATDROBE] artist Taiana Giefer plays with her Octo-Pussy for –Alexander Wang collaborator- Paris Kain’s new short.
He had this to say of the mystical puss-puss:

“In tarot, the octopus represents insight and esoteric vision. It is in constant motion, waxing and waning to the moon and guided by its goddess the High Priestess”

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!! OMG, dust-it-off honey: Daniel Franke’s ‘Unnamed Soundsculpture’ !!

The dancer was set the task of moving in reaction to the score of Machinenfabriek’s ‘Kreukeltape’, as three ‘Kinect’ depth cameras, captured a separate set of motion data points, which were then compiled to create a 22’000 node 3-dimensional point-cloud.
Taking out the images of the dancer’s body leaves only the sense of movement, ie. the dance, not the dancer; and as the data points fall away, you are given the impression that what you are watching is transient, and impermanent as though each node creates its fleeting movement before being won-over by gravity.
Now I know what drag queens mean when they say another has dusty knees…this girl, she AAAAALL DUSTY!
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