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!! OMG, it’s our 2017 Pride Playlist !!

omg blog pride playlist 2017
Toronto-based DJ and writer Max Mohenu took a thoughtful and fun approach to creating the !! omg blog !! Pride Playlist this year. We hope you enjoy!

Pride has a different meaning for all of us. Every year I think about the opportunities I have within my community, the peers within my circles who inspire me, and all the people I never get to see being in one place. The thing I look forward to the most is events where DJs create spaces for everyone to feel safe, regardless of race or how you identify. In light of recent events in the world, it’s even more important to be mindful of all queer bodies during Pride. It may seem small, but there’s some Pride moments that begin and end with the selections, the people, and the DJs.

This year, I wanted to stream all the weird energy I’ve been feeling about the Pulse shooting, BLMTO, and the lack of black queer visibility over the last year into something both positive and powerful. I needed my DJ set this year to evoke the most cunty, sexy, and spiritual feelings you could ever get on the dancefloor.

The creation of this playlist was a mix of songs I came across while building my set for Pride. Some are rarities, some are classics, some are iconic. All of them carry a different mood for me going into Pride this weekend. I feel safe, sexy, and ready to turn shit up when I hear these songs. That’s how I want all queers to feel when they go out this weekend and for years to come. Music is a great start to creating an inclusive space. A lot of great DJs are making room for discussion surrounding diversity and this year’s Pride feels like a turning point. Wherever you end up this weekend, if you don’t feel empowered by the beats or the crowd, keep it moving. It’s your moment, boo! Don’t waste it.

Check out the full playlist after the jump!


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!! OMG, welcome! Singer and Glee star Charice Pempengco announced yesterday that he now identifies as Jake Zyrus !!

Congrats to Jake! This is huge! Charice has such a big fanbase in the Phillipines and around the globe – it’s important for people to see the proud transformation into who he really truly feels he is! Check out Jake’s first tweets below!

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