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!! OMG, CONFIRMED! Catwoman loves the Puss! !!

If comic writers got the hunch that there might be a huge gay audience out there reading their works, then they were right! It seems as if they’ve got on over the past few years and more and more gay characters are being introduced! One as of recent, the more notable Catwoman!

In issue #39, writer Genevieve Valentine and artist Garry Brown confirmed her bisexuality with a liplock between Kyle and Eiko, the latest woman to take up the Catwoman mantle.
Following the issue’s release this week, Valentine took to her blog and wrote about what brought Catwoman to this moment and what she hoped to establish with this issue.
Valentine was very clear about what this moment meant for the character, explaining that it was intended to “establish… Selina as canon bisexual.”
“She’s flirted around it — often quite literally — for years now; for me, this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation,” Valentine wrote.

I mean, there are just too many “pussy-loving”, “tunafish-eating” jokes just waiting for The Joker to crack here, so this should be good! “Catwoman” #39 is now available at retailers and online. That suit she’s wearing below is serving up some major power-lezzie season 1 of the L-word company-takeover vibes. I’m loving it.
[via comicbookresource]

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!! OMG, YAAASS: Bella from Twilight holds hands openly with her lady at LAX !!

Good for her! We always had a hunch, because well… both of our eyeballs are working. Awesome to see her be so open about it. And from a more selfish perspective, I can’t wait to watch all the Twi-hard/Robsten breakdown Youtube videos that are to follow! Alicia is the new Rob.

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!! OMG, welcome to the club: Supermodel Patricia Velasquez comes out as gay !!

The world’s first Latina Supermodel, Patricia Velasquez, has opened up about her sexuality in her new book, Straight Walk where she recalls that:

“While working in the modelling world in the 1990s, she was living a lie that was “tortuous” and “eroding my soul bit by bit,” according to Yahoo Parenting.

Patricia was inspired to come out after teaching her own daughter, 8-year-old Maya, about being honest and being proud.

“It’s very difficult to face your past, so I put off doing anything like this for a long time,” she told Yahoo Parenting. “But as my daughter started growing up and I was teaching her to be honest and proud, I knew it was time for me to set an example — and that meant facing my truth. For me, living life with truth and honesty is the one thing I want to make sure she understands.”

Patty also discusses her relationship with comedian Sandra Bernhard, whom she met backstage at a fashion show and that after they hooked up, Velasquez struggled with what had happened and slept with a male fashion photographer.

“In my head I thought, ‘I just wanted to prove one thing, and I did.’ There was no middle ground for me — a person was gay or not gay. Being gay was not for me.” But she went on to date Bernhard exclusively, without labeling herself. “I was deeply in love with Sandra in a way I’d never experienced before.”

Welcome to the club Patricia, and thanks for showing lipsticks out there everywhere that it’s okay be who you are.
[via HuffPo]

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!! OMG, congratulations: Beth Ditto weds her partner Kristin Ogata after gay marriage is legalised in Oregon !!

Congrats to Gossip singer and solo artist Beth Ditto and her new wife Kristin Ogata were finally able to marry legally, 18 months after their commitment ceremony in Hawaii in 2013.

The singer and campaigner announced the news on Facebook, saying: “Legally married finally, a year later! Thanks everyone who fought to make gay marriage legal in Oregon! In 2015, the whole US!”

Beth ditto wedding.PNG

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