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!! OMG, sounding good in a Buffalo Stance: Neneh Cherry & Afrika Baby Bam’s ‘Nina’ !!

Neneh Cherry is communing with all kinds of motherland in this techy spoken word track with Jungle Brother Afrika Baby Bam.

Produced by Kieran ‘Four tet’ Hebden, the lyrics speak of freedom from social constraints and geographical placement. Hebden and Cherry are set to collaborate on a more substantial project which we can hopefully Buffalo Prance to in the not-so-distant future.

“she’s sounding good today…she sounding good in every way”

[via discobelle]

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!! OMG, “na naa nanana naaaa”: Clarissa Explains what she can’t Explain !!

Our favourite dorky darling, Clarissa Darling explained all kinds of things to us back in the 1990s, but she never explained her ludicrous fashion sense, which made me always want a spin-off series called ‘Clarissa Explains what the Hell she’s Wearing, and explains that maybe her frumpy patchwork-print long-skirted Mom dressed her this morning’, or something of that sort.
Well according to Entertainment Weekly, Clarissa is tentatively set to release a novel in the fall of 2014, and is called ‘Things I Can’t Explain’, so maybe it’ll expand on her earlier clothing catastrophes after all:

“the novel will follow 23-year-old Clarissa as she tries to carve out a career as a journalist and deals with the obstacles toward becoming a real adult: finding and keeping a job in a turbulent economy, the luxury of a first apartment without roommates, figuring out how to deal with parents all over again, and unexpected feelings for a really cute guy who — of course — has an on-and-off again girlfriend.”

“Waaay cooool”
[via papermag]

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!! OMG, FRANCO-FILES: 3 James Franco portraits !!


“Do you think that I come off as not humble?”

Under 3 chapters entitled ‘The Image’, ‘The Artist’, and ‘The Ego’, Bullett spoke to Franco about his various deep-throating scenes, his continuing curation of his public persona as the guy with all his fingers in all the pies, and the inherent backfire from asking questions about mainstream heteronormativity that Franco is becoming all too familiar with:

“Criticism can sting but not for long…If anyone wants to say that my doing these things makes me a jerk, that’s not about me–that’s about people reacting to me.”

You can read the 3 portraits in their entirety HERE, and view the accompanying photo portraits after the jump.

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, brother grimm: Mykki Blanco on his Poetic Roots !!

It runs true that a gender-exploratory rapper such as Mykki Blanco would have his/her feet heeled in poetry and performance art roots.
Mykki spoke to dazed about her/his early ventures into performance art [through the Paint Unconsciousness collective], an fetal love of ‘fringe biographies’ [Bette Midler, Oscar Wilde], and his early ventures into poetry which s/he describes as “Brothers Grimm turned on it’s head”.
You can read her/his interview HERE, and see one of Mykki’s earlier backing-tracked poetry readings of ‘From the Silence of Duchamp to Noise of Boys’ HERE.

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