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!! OMG, what in Siegfried & Roy hell?: Lil Kim drops new album art for ‘Hard Core 2K13’ !!

I love Lil’ Kim, I really do. I’ve been a fan of her’s since I was a teenager, and I want her to do good things. I’ve followed her through her transformation from Queen Bee into the fierce, tightly-pulled Tigress that she is today — but I just can’t with her new album art for her upcoming release, Hard Core 2K13. Someone call Tabatha and have her Take Over, because this is low-rent.
I respect that Kim probably took a weekend Photoshop course at her local community college, put her hair up, threw on her glasses, and spent all weekend on her PC throwing this together, — but it’s just not ready to go to print. It’s not. I love the Ciroc placement though. Adds a touch of class.
Anyhow, apparently Hardcore 2K13 drops close to Halloween. Hopefully it’s not too hung up on Nicki Minaj, and Kim goes back to her roots rapping all about her many conquests. That’s the Kim we know and love.

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!! OMG, music to my rotting ears: New coffin allows you enjoy music in the afterlife !!

It’s probably boring as all-Hell 6 feet underground. If I had the money to burn on stupid shit (I don’t), this would be a product I could invest in.
What if when you die, you just lay there awake unable to move? This coffin will at least ensure that I’ve got all my Ke$ha CDs down there with me. My dream would be to spend eternity with Ke$ha just rapping to me while I lay there stuck…
Anyway, Swedish audio makers Pause Ljud & Bild have created The CataCombo Sound System. It’s a coffin with a customized audio system that allows you to bring along your favorite playlists as you enter your final resting place. Here are the coffin’s specs:

• Two-way front speakers
• 4-inch midbass drivers
• Wide range tweeter with external cooling
• 8-inch sub bass element
• Custom built 2.1 amplifier
• T-class stereo amplifier
• Tripath Class-T Digital Power Processing™ Technology
• SP Output R+L (4 ohm): 2x15W
• Output (8 Ohm): 2x10W
• Sub bass amplifier 50W RMS with SP output 80/120W
• Frequency range: 22Hz-20kHz
• Signal/noise ratio: >98dB signal
• Acoustic absorption factor αp= 0,65-0,95
• Performance-upgradeable music server
• 7-inch TFT-screen
• 2,5 GHz Intel Core processor
• 4 GB 1600 MHz HDD
• Wireless 4G internet connection
• Access to million of tracks
• Collaborative playlists

Check the chart above to see how it all works! Is this something you’d be interested investing in? If you’re not yet convinced, catch the informational video after the JUMP:
[via pulseradio]

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, get a haircut, get a job, hippy!: New poster for Elijah Wood & John Landis’ produced ‘Bad Vibes’ – scored by Ariel Pink !!

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 3.45.28 PM.png
Elijah Wood is really getting his hands bloody with horror these days. First he starred in 2012’s Maniac and started his very own production company, The Woodshed Horror Company. This year, he and his SpectreVision partners, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller, along with new addition, John Landis (Thriller) have teamed up to produced an awesome new 60’s werewolf horror, written and directed by Dave Gebroe (Zombie Honeymoon).
According to Pitchfork:

Bad Vibes takes place among the 1960s psychedelic rock scene, centered on a free-loving band called Sunrise Majesty. According to a press release, the band’s leader Max Cassidy is cursed by a werewolf after “an encounter with a strange groupie.” He becomes dark and disturbed, a “brooding nihilist” who decides to “hold a huge love-in at the band’s ranch where he and the group will infect all their fans.”

Musician, Ariel Pink has also been enlisted to score the film, and recently has this to say about it:

The script totally blew me away with its horrifying revisionist take on the Sixties. It’s like a bizarro-world chronology of free love, dark psychedelic music and permissiveness gone hog-wild. My fans will get to hear a side of Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti that no one’s ever heard before, and that couldn’t be more inspiring to me creatively.

Check out the new poster above! Bad Vibes is set for a 2014 release.
[via movieweb & Pitchfork]

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!! OMG, it was all a dream: Jackson and His Computerband’s “Dead Living Things” Video !!

Jackson And His Computerband have just released the video for “Dead Living Things” off his album Glow. The track features additional vocals by Planningtorock and the video’s director, Alexandre Courtès (who has previously worked with artists like Daft Punk, Phoenix and The White Stripes) says:

This project is a direct reference to the works of Fellini and David Lynch. It is a juxtaposition of life scenes and actions that have nothing to do with each other in particular, that however create a fantastic dynamic and resolutely surreal experience.

Have a look at the video above, and Glow is available to purchase via itunes and other digital retailers on Warp Records!

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!! OMG, pure eye-candy: Iggy Azalea’s “Change Your Life Video” feat. T.I. !!

I think we can all relate to pissed-off, ex-models who can rap. I know I can! Iggy Azalea has just released her new video for “Change Your Life”, and the video is a colourful journey through some Las Vegas showgirlisness, which also features T.I.!
Check out the video above!

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