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!! OMG gossip: Is LeeAnn Rimes another skeleton in Tiger’s closet? !!

OMG Tiger Woods + LeeAnn Rimes?? [superficial]
Katherine Heigl dons a wig [popsugar]
Iggy Pop will hang up stage-diving after landing on his face at Carnegie Hall [dlisted]
Sarah Palin‘s reality show is now being called a “documentary” and is being shopped to TLC, home to other high quality “documentaries” like Trading Spaces and What Not to Wear [popeater]
There are creatures living in Brad Pitt‘s beard [icydk]
Reese Witherspoon cannot be without a man [socialite life]
OMG new album cover for Christina Aguilera‘s “Bionic” [towleroad]
Boys, boys, boys in the new issue of Geil magazine [oh la la]
Lady GaGa attributes passing out on stage to “jetlag” [betty]
OMG top celebrity cheaters! [anything hollywood]
Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith go bowling together [allie]
Who brought an adorable pig as their red carpet date? [celebitchy]
Even if he can’t sing, American Idol contestant Tim Urban looks good shirtless [l.a. rag mag]
OMG it’s Robert Pattinson in wax! [bwe]
Little People, Big World son Jeremy Roloff shows off his not-so-little shirtless physique [tabloid prodigy]
OMG gratuitous Brazilian mens underwear fashion show! [kenneth]
Someday we will all be commuting to work in the Wheelrider [2leep]

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!! OMG, Gay prisoners love OJ Simpson !!

OJ Simpson’s turning into the most unlikely of gay icons– among the felon set, that is. According to the National Enquirer, Simpson, who’s currently doing time for the bizarre theft of a bunch of sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel, has a posse of doting gay inmates who wait on him hand and foot:

With the help of adoring prisoners and guards, O.J. is able to gamble on sporting events, get special privileges – and even receive massages from a group of gay inmates known as “The Girls,” says the source…

“He’s really tight with ‘The Girls,'” said the source, referring to the openly gay transgender part of the prison population.

“Whenever we’d be let out to the yard, O.J. would almost always hang out with them. The ‘girls’ treated him like he was a king.”

While I’m not exactly sure what “openly gay transgender” means, I’m sorry to say that I think I know exactly what The Girls see in Mr. Simpson. (LINK NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)
[National Enquirer via Gawker]

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!! OMG, It’s a Crime: Justin Bieber in hot water for Failure to Tweet !!

Just call her BOSS TWEET! Long Island District Attorney Kathleen Rice is is prosecuting teen lesbian heartthrob Justin Bieber’s management team for refusing to tweet the cancellation of an event.
Toddlers and ephebophiles everywhere are locking hands and singing We Shall Overcome in protest of this outrageous abuse of power. Free Justin!

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The manager of teen pop star Justin Bieber was arrested on Wednesday for refusing to warn fans on Twitter about overcrowding at a shopping mall event, narrowly avoiding a “horrible disaster,” authorities said.

Scott Braun, 28, surrendered to police in Williston Park, New York, for having refused to send a message on the social networking Web site warning fans that an appearance by the Canadian pop star had been canceled due to overcrowding, according to the Nassau County District Attorney.

The incident occurred last November when Bieber was scheduled to sign autographs at a clothing store when the event quickly became overcrowded, putting fans in danger of being “trampled,” the District Attorney said in a statement.

Police asked Braun to send out a Twitter message from Bieber’s account telling fans not to come, but Braun refused, even changing the account’s password so “he could control the event,” the office said.

“By refusing to send out the cancellation Tweet and preventing others from doing so, he blatantly ignored police directives,” said Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice in the statement, adding “a horrible disaster was averted.”

District Attorney Rice, who is currently preparing a run for New York Attorney General against my future husband, sexy NY State Senator Eric T. Schneiderman, is clearly hoping that the attention-grabbing stunt will propel her to victory in November– but she may not be counting on the fact that many experts (me) are predicting that so-called “Bieber Moms” will be this year’s most influential block of swing voters.
Will it be tweet victory come November for Rice? Or will her crusade against Bieber be her swan song? Only time will tell!

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