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!! OMG, Morehead Kentucky clerk issues marriage certificate to lesbian couple while Kim Davis hides, zealot shouts at them !!

Is it terrible that I kinda want my gay marriage licence issued to me while a crazy, religious zealot yells obscenities at me? Amazing that they would even let that happen!

Oh, and apparently Kim Davis was hiding out in the back the whole time.

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!! OMG, one more thing for summer: ‘Beresford Boys’ by Triple Gangers !!

In honor of this unseasonably warm end-of-summer week we’re having, we bring you a sun-drenched, dreamy electropop track from Triple Gangers, the first single from their new album Forecast.

The video for “Beresford Boys” was directed by Frank Guidoccio and features bandmates Ghislain Aucoin, Aurora Cowie, and Ida Maidstone reminiscing about love while cracking oysters and dancing (and back handspringing) in the surf.

Buy Forecast on iTunes or Bandcamp.

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!! OMG, gossip: Scott Eastwood gives a parking lot an eye-full of VPL !!


The best kind of grocery shopping attire! [ohlala]

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Cop who tackled James Blake has a record of complaints [kenneth]

How to get Kim Davis‘ signature look [queerty]

Michael Fassbender by Bruce Weber [boy culture]

Burning Man threatens to sue Quiznos after ad spoofing festival and questioning its authenticity [joemygod]

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