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!! OMG, WATCH: Laverne Cox slays Destiny Child’s ‘Lose My Breath’ on ‘Lip Sync Battle’ !!

She’s not fucking around! Girl has got the choreography down and is face-perfect, even after that insane routine! Check out Laverne Cox‘s clear win against fellow Orange is the New Black star Samira Wiley above! (skip to the 1:33 mark if you just wanna see Laverne!)

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!! OMG, gossip: Jaden Smith says he used to be a vampire, but isn’t anymore !!


“I was hiding from the sun because I was a vampire. I was a vampire, for real.’ – Kids these days! [dlisted]

There is a God! Kim Zolciak shared her latest butt injection procedure on Instagram [celebitchy]

Man who says many members of his family have experienced sexual assault takes pick-axe to Donald Trump‘s Walk Of Fame star, smashing it to pieces (YASSSS), – says he’s disgusted with candidate who is poster-child for abusing people [queerty]

Dr. Luke camp responds to Kesha3’s NYT’s story [idolator]

Remembering iconic gay artist Keith Haring, who would have been 58 this year [boyculture]

RIP: Dead Or Alive‘s Pete Burns dead at 57 [socialites life]

How the 2016 Election has exposed racism in the gay community [towleroad]

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!! OMG, a contest: Hayley Kiyoko ‘Citrine’ EP !!


Enter to win the Citrine EP from indie pop singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko, featuring the self-empowerment anthem “Gravel to Tempo” and “One Bad Night.” Citrine is available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify.

THE CONTEST: Hayley acted in a movie that just came out last month. What is it? Hint: the answer is in our original Q&A with Hayley!

THE RULES: Please email your contest entry along with your full name, North American shipping address, and telephone number to [email protected]. All personal information is collected in accordance with our privacy policy.

The first three correct responses will win copies of Citrine! The winners will be announced on our Facebook page next week.

BONUS: After the jump, watch the videos for Hayley’s songs “One Bad Night,” “Groove to Tempo,” and “Girls Like Girls” (which just hit 50 million views on YouTube).

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Mykki Blanco addresses her critics, says people have no right to judge her trans identity !!

A photo posted by MYKKI BLANCO (@_mykki_) on

“I’ve had some people in the genderqueer community say to me, ‘You’re a cis gay male, stop trying to tell a trans woman’s story.’ And I’ve had to say, ‘Honey, anybody who’s known me since 2010, 2011, anybody who knew me in New York City knew that I was cross-dressing, that I was feminine trans-identified, living my life escorting out in these streets. I wasn’t in a college classroom learning about genderqueer.’”

“I understand now where that misunderstanding comes from, but I always have to tell people Mykki Blanco did not start as a drag character. Mykki Blanco started as a video-art project when I was already trans-identified. I was already going by ‘she.’”

– Rapper and performer Mykki Blanco on her trans-ness and her performance identity

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