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!! OMG, the oldest trick in the book! This bishop claims he can make men’s penises bigger by rubbing them with his hands !!

I mean, I’ve been pulling this trick out at parties since I was 16 — but bringing faith into it?! That’s EXTRA, even for us.

Ghanaian Bishop, Daniel Obinim, claims he can enlarge men’s penises simply by rubbing them with his hands. He’s been filmed performing the ritual where he moves around a room full of men and takes turns grabbing at their crotches. Check it out above! DA NILE RUNS DEEP, HONEY!

!! OMG, in other Madge news: Madonna absorbed Zac Efron’s lifeforce through her hand at a UFC Fight !!

When Madonna meets a legend #ZacEfron

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It does wonders for the skin! Zefron kissed the queen’s hand at a recent UFC fight. Time to watch some dudes in spandex wrestle one another!

#Madonna in @Ufc (November 12 2016 )

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!! OMG, WATCH: Brian Anderson comes out as first gay pro skateboarder in new VICE Documentary !!

This is HUGE step in the right direction for for the macho skateboarding community! Check out Skateboarder Brian Anderson‘s touching and awesome VICE doc confessing his journey towards coming out as ‘the first gay pro skateboarder’. Congrats on your bravery Brian and welcome to the club! Brian is one of the few gay men that in the early 2000’s could tell you on ICQ that we was a “masc sk8r bro”, and wasn’t actually lying.

And on that note – Jen Okazaki from Angry Boys is gonna absolutely lose her shit when she finds out that there’s a REAL gay skateboarder out there, — other than her Tim of course! GAYSTYLE!!!

!! OMG, don't miss these !!