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!! OMG, 50 Cent alleges former G-Unit member Olivia and Missy Elliot were ‘hitting it’ !!

It seems, as of late, that rapper 50 Cent will say anything to keep his rap career relevant.
This morning during a visit to Power 105.1 to sit in for The Breakfast Club, where 50 discussed G-Unit reuniting and their group dynamic, the rapper was asked about a past interview with G-Unit member Olivia where she has said that 50 didn’t like her and Missy Elliot to be in the studio together. 50 responded by saying:

“Nah, I didn’t have no problem. Missy started hitting it. If you really wanna know. See, it’s her fault for actually saying that to you. Trust me.”

Oh, Fif! You clear $100 Million from selling Vitamin Water and you’re busy dabbling in outing members of G-Unit ! As Countess Luann once said “Money Can’t Buy You Class!”.
Olivia herself denies the rumours, simply stating:

“He was mad because at one point we were doing so much music together, he was getting upset–because I wasn’t really at the crib doing a whole bunch of music with the Unit but he heard all the records I did with Miss so he felt some type of way,” she explained. According to Olivia, she and Missy were never romantic partners. “Absolutely not. That’s the homie.”

So there you have it!

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