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!! OMG, Alberta mom performs world’s worst rap to attack new trans-inclusive bathroom legislation in Alberta !!

I would rather listen to Madonna‘s American Life rap …and that’s saying alot!

A laughably bad and terribly transphobic rap by an Alberta mum (who goes by MH Weibe) titled “Gender Bender” attacks the new trans-inclusive bathroom legislation in Alberta.

“This is just a fender bender, all over sex and gender.”

I can’t wait for her Twitter beef with Azalea Banks!

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!! OMG, it’s Igor’s ‘Look Of The Week’: This NYE flyer from Edmonton, Alberta !!

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.13.40 AM.png
Maybe we’re wrong (we’re not) but we have a small HUNCH that this New Year’s Eve party being held at the Dutch Canadian Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta Canada WON’T actually have trans icon and advocate Laverne Cox appearing, nor do they know Laverne‘s deal when photoshopping her onto their flyer! …Should make for a great turnout, though!

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