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!! OMG, she’s lost her damn mind: Madonna has a message for the H8rs !!

Madonna took to the marble floors of her mansion yesterday to roll around and take selfies in a tiara, and to send a message to all the haters out there, a message that reads like it was written by an 8th grader with their own Youtube channel:

“Laughing at all the haters out there who spend their energy trying to limit and label me with their prejudices and fears! Take your evil tongue and eye and turn them into birds that fly! Don’t waste precious time. Spend it on things you love! #rebelheart #artforfreedom” –Madonna

Spoken like a true, well-established and very mature 55 year old lady! If Madonna is trying to recreate the magic of Alisha Gay, she’s got a long way to go! She needs to stop feeding off young pop whores and call Alisha‘s mom CINDEEE! YEAAH!

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