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!! OMG, gossip: Tom Ford hates flip-flops !!


‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in flip flops. I hate flip flops on men.’ [celebitchy]

Amber Heard speaks out against domestic abuse in emotional PSA [socialite life]

Kelly Ripa may have saved Andy Cohen‘s life from cancer [boyculture]

Blohan used Brexit and Christmas to get some attention [dlisted]

Gay activists march for their rights in New Delhi [instinct]

Gay man attacked by store manager in front of 4 year old son [towleroad]

It was a very Mimi Thanksgiving [lainey]

What’s it like to be gay and asexual? [queerty]

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!! OMG, WATCH: Alyssa Edwards, Shangela and Tatianna join Andy Cohen and some New Jersey Housewives on WWHL Halloween edition !!

SICKENNNNINNNG! Alyssa even lipsync’s Kim Zolciak‘s Tardy For The Party and Tatianna does The Countess Luanne‘s Money Can’t Buy You Class! — Pure. Heaven. Andy Cohen has camp running through his DNA – bitch knows how to deliver.

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