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!! OMG, gossip: Anna Paquin schools Gwampy Larry King on what it is to be bisexual !!

Maybe he’s grilling her because he’s thinking of experimenting finally [celebitchy]
Tara Reid thought Sharknado would kill her career. (DON’T. TELL HER.) [dlisted]
One Direction‘s Liam Payne responds to all them H8rz that call him fat [boy culture]
Kylie perfoms at the Common Wealth Games [joemygod]
Lana Del Rey knows you think she slept her way to the top [popbytes]
Vanilla Ice Justin Bieber brings his one-man underwear show to a yacht in Ibiza [socialite life]
Bond star Ben Wishaw says there was a lot of tension around him coming out publicly [queerty]
YASSS! Homer and Marge WINES [unrealitymag]
Who’s got their hoo-hoo out on the cover of your weekly gay rags this week? [kenneth]
Timmy Fell Down The Well teaches you how to turn back to being straight [towleroad]
Feast your eyes on Emporio Armani‘s latest banana hammocks [ohlala]
Top 10 celebrities who have twins [celeb cafe]

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!! OMG, OKLAHOMA: State House Candidate Backs Stoning Homosexuals To Death !!

Welcome to the United States Of America in 2014 [joemygod]
Jenna Malone‘s new single is called “Indian Giver”. UMMMMMM [celebitchy]
Bitch got hacked: The Kris Jenner Instagram edition [popbytes]
Orange Is The New Black‘s out actor Lea DeLaria talks scissoring [boy culture]
GOTT DAMN! Ryan Phillippe looks better than ever while strutting on the beach this week [socialite life]
Candis Cayne will keep on saying ‘tranny’ whether you like it or not [queerty]
Supermodel Edward Wilding‘s Instagram is definitely repping the The Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too [ohlala]
LA Pride! Where men in their 30s dress like giant babies! [kenneth]
Arrow‘s Stephen Ammell does his superhero workout [unrealitymag]
Anna Paquin tweets her bisexual pride [towleroad]
The Jackson kids just upped their yearly allowance by $3 million [dlisted]
The Top 10 Tracy Morgan films [celeb cafe]

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