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!! OMG, attention foot fetishists! You may have just missed out on buying 1D’s used shoes !!


One Direction donated their shoes to Small Steps Project, a UK based charity which delivers shoes and aid to families who live on landfill sites around the world yesterday, and the auction fetched a lot per shoe!

Harry donated a signed pair of Saint Laurent black leather cowboy boots. Size 9. Winning bid was £2,350. Niall donated a signed pair of Paul Smith brown suede Chelsea style ankle boots. Size 8.5. Winning bid was £1,220. Liam donated a signed pair of Clarks brown lace up brogue boots. Size 8. Winning bid was £1,300. Louis donated a signed pair of Adidas blue and white suede lace up Gazelles. Size 8. Winning bid was £830.

And I know you pervs are probably wondering which one of these fellows has the biggest feet, and the answer is that Harry holds the title of having the biggest feet! Which member would you have bid on?

[via ontd]

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