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!! OMG, she’s well fit: Artist Helga Wretman whips artists into shape while discussing their work !!

When you’re locked inside a dark studio, day-in-day-out, eating nothing but chickpeas and rice just so that you can afford to continue to making that new work — it’s particularly important for an artist to be able to keep fit and keep a clear mind. How else does one keep their creative juices flowing?
Swedish-born, Berlin-based artist Helga Wretman has a solution! You may have spotted her first starring in Peaches‘ Franken-video “Relax”, but Helga’s new web-series, Fitness For Artists TV focuses on giving you a glimpse into the artist’s studio while setting up a healthy workout regime for them. Not only is she cute as a button, but she’s also lost her damn mind — What a hot combo!
Check out a burning new episode of Helga’s Fitness For Artists TV with artist, Aleksandra Domanović above, or get a glimpse of Helga’s more romantic side after the JUMP:

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